the old Rockport Elementary School at 40 West St



The Town Voted on June 13th, 2023 to accept the Lesher Family Foundation's offer. 


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Town History about the site and the process over the past few years: 

The Town of Rockport, through review of committees and concurrence from the Select Board, decided in 2022 that the New Height Group Proposal was not feasible. Included in this this decision, the Economic Development Committee evaluated alternative housing options (lower density, workforce housing, market rate) which concluded that housing of this type was not economically feasible in the current market. Since that determination, the Town was presented with a proposal from the Lesher Family Foundation (LFF) to invest in the site to create a community park that the Town will still own. This project is a joint effort between the Town and LFF, and there will be future meetings for the public to attend pertaining to this. LFF will work with the Town and the community to establish a conservancy. The conservancy will be responsible for park operations and maintenance. It will also establish and raise funds for an endowment. LFF will support the conservancy with fundraising for the endowment to care for this future community park going forward and contribute to the endowment. 
If there are any questions pertaining to this project, please reach out to the Planning and Development Office at 207-706-4065.