Legacy Rockport  
Legacy Rockport is an independent 501c3 nonprofit established in 2009 that looks for capital improvement projects that enhance the vitality and sense of community within Rockport’s five villages – Rockville, Simonton Corner, Glen Cove, West Rockport, and the Harbor Village.  
Opportunities exist to enhance our harbor, coastal waterfronts, lakes, ponds, and to connect our citizens with paths, trails, and parks.
Recent examples of projects accepted include: restoration of the Community Hall at Simonton Corner; creation of a connector trail from Erickson Farm to eventually the top of Beech Hill; and restoration of the Andre the Seal sculpture at Marine Park. 
The mission of Legacy Rockport is to find community investment projects which will preserve the past and secure the future growth of our citizens.  We build upon:
  •   Rockport’s abundance of cultural assets, a vibrant community and natural beauty.  We believe that this sense of place sets Rockport apart from other communities.
  • Working closely with the town government, Legacy Rockport looks to target community investment in  assets that enhance the quality of life for Rockport residents and visitors now and into the future.