Statistical Update 2023

We pleased to announce that have now concluded the 2023 Statistical Update of values.

We have provided you with a number of resources to research values.

To look up property values please click on the link below.

Rockport 2023 Values

Valuation information, as well as a Microsoft Power Bi interactive table that shows the sales used in this update, is available at KRT Appraisal’s website via this link:

Also, we have updated the Vision property cards on AxisGIS, our online database. New values can also be found there.

You should have received, or will soon be receiving, a letter from this office and KRT Appraisal with your new value listed. You will have the opportunity to discuss the new assessment with a KRT representative over the phone. Topics of discussion can include the revaluation process, data on the property record card, the market value itself and any other relevant information as it relates to your assessment.

The letter has a phone number you can use to schedule a hearing. That number is 1-855-228-4033.

For your convenience, the hearings will be conducted by phone.


Please don’t call the assessing department office. We cannot schedule a hearing date and time for you. That can only be done via 1-855-228-4033.




Statistical Update FAQ's