Boat Registration

Excise tax is calculated using boat's age and length. The registration fees are based on the horsepower of the motor.

All Boats (residents and non-residents) that are used in freshwaters are required to have the lake protection (milfoil) sticker.

Boat registrations expire on December 31st.


To re-register your boat, we need the previous registration.


If purchased by private sale, a bill of sale is needed, and a 5.5% sales tax will be collected on the purchase price.

If purchased at a Maine dealer, they will collect sales tax and provide you with an invoice which you will need to bring at the time of registration.


For boat questions contact: Town Clerk at 207-236-9648 Ext 1 or Inland Fisheries & Wildlife at 207-287-8000
For all harbor-related needs contact: Harbormaster at 207-236-0676