Mission Statement

Rockport Parks and Beautification Committee is a Rockport Town committee whose mission is “to foster in Town residents, businesses, and employees a spirit of ownership and caring for the Town’s infrastructure and landscaping.”
The purpose of the Rockport Parks and Beautification Committee of the Town of Rockport is to act as a clearing house which will help coordinate the efforts of multiple Town departments, committees, and Townspeople who are interested in the appearance of the Town.  This committee will then submit recommendations to the Select Board.  The committee will provide stewardship for the Town’s Eight (8) parks: (Mary Lea, Goodridge, Cramer, Memorial, Walker, Harbor, Kononen and Glen Cove, as well as other public areas with gardens and landscaping. 
The committee will work in close cooperation with the director of public works, harbormaster and Rockport Garden Club.
The committee will work closely with director of public works in developing the annual budget for the town parks.
The purpose of these bylaws is to establish reasonable rules of procedures for committee meetings and to promote the fair, orderly and efficient conduct of the committee’s proceedings and affairs.
The Rockport Parks and Beautification Committee is pleased to present the plan for the reclamation  of Memorial Park which will be implemented later this summer at the completion of the new library project. This plan was developed over the past winter by the committee in conjunction with Keith Smith, landscape architect in Scarborough. Anna Remsen, owner of Seasons Downeast Design in Rockport and member of the Parks Committee was instrumental in choosing plants that would do well in this location and complement the plantings that are anticipated at the new library.  See file below - 2020 Memorial Park Proposal.