Mission Statement

The Task Force is formed to study the costs and benefits of a collaborative approach for improving wastewater treatment systems in the Towns of Rockport and Camden, including a municipal utility district, and the task force shall report its findings to the Select Board prior to the 2025 Rockport Town Meeting, such that any recommendations that need voter approval can be placed on the 2025 Town Meeting ballot. The Task Force work shall be governed by the following guiding principles:

  •  Fair Price: Sewage treatment must be available for a fair price to all residents who use the sewer system in Rockport.
  • Sufficient Treatment Plant Capacity: Additional wastewater treatment plant capacity must be available, thus preserving or expanding Rockport’s ability to pursue economic development (e.g., workforce housing or commercial business expansion).
  • Business Model Innovation: Look for innovative ways to develop a business structure and financial solution that is consistent with these guiding principles. That shall include the concept of a Municipal Utility District (MUD) for both towns (and perhaps include Rockland) or having a new plant in Rockport accept flows currently sent to Camden (e.g., the landfill) to relieve stress on their plant. Nothing should be eliminated from consideration.

In addition, Article 15 provides for having a report prior to June 2025 Town Meeting.  The issue of wastewater treatment is of critical importance to the Town of Rockport and its future, so it will be important to have monthly updates from the Task Force so the Town can continue to evaluate what is in the best interests of all residents, along the lines of the following: 

The task force shall provide monthly status reports to the Board.  If the Camden Select Board has not established a committee with a similar mission and at least one meeting of the two groups has not occurred by September 9, 2024, that information shall be reported to the Rockport Select Board and the Board will consider options to protect the interests of its residents.  If Camden does establish a similar task force, the final report of the Rockport Wastewater Exploratory Task Force shall be provided to the Rockport Board by the March 10, 2025, Select Board meeting, prior to the 2025 Rockport Town Meeting, to allow for potential voter consideration of the Task Force recommendations.